Introducing AptoStarter!

2 min readNov 2, 2022

Introducing AptoStarter!

The AptoStarter platform is a decentralized IDO launchpad mainly focused on the Aptos blockchain. The Purpose of AptoStarter is to build the next-gen Web 3.0 Economy.

AptoStarter launchpad is a platform that is designed specifically for launching new coins/tokens and NFT projects backed by blockchain ideas and raising liquidity. AptoStarter help investors to discover early-stage crypto projects before they enter the mainstream market for better stability and maximize their liquidity to serve the needs of the crypto projects.

AptoStarter Launchpad is a 100% decentralized which gives fair price, fair access, pro-project, pro-investor and transparent. Any project can potentially get funded because of l Aptos community and VC’s too is backing the launchpad. It also creates trust by showing transparency towards raise, seed, membership, team details, token details which are fully permissionless.

Over the years, launchpads have relied upon human verification systems to determine

which projects or tokens to launch but with the advancement of the blockchain and smart contracts, new launchpads are now choosing a different and more decentralized approach by building trustless systems through smart contracts that work together to enhance the experience of token management for businesses.

AptoStarter EcoSystem Products:

IDO Launchpad — Staking — AptoSwap — Network Bridging

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A First Agnostic Decentralized Launchpad on Aptos Blockchain - No Intermediators