AptoStarter Raises $500K for Its Truly Decentralized Launchpad on APTOS Blockchain!

2 min readNov 9, 2022

AptoStarter launchpad is a platform that is designed specifically for launching new coins/tokens and NFT projects backed by blockchain ideas and raising liquidity. AptoStarter help investors to discover early-stage crypto projects before they enter the mainstream market for better stability and maximize their liquidity to serve the needs of the crypto projects.

Fueling innovation in this industry requires the removal of all intermediaries . Additionally, there is a need for more transparency, automated processes and post-launch support.

The approach by AptoStarter has attracted significant investor interest. The project has raised $500K in funding from many high-profile investor. The lead investor is Seotia Ventures .

In the blockchain space, projects should not bow to the demands and interests of those who run the launchpad — instead, it should be the other way around. The project and investors’ interests must be the number one priority.

AptoStarter acknowledges this facet and removes the permissioned Intermediators approach from the equation. As a result, its technology can be the Pancakeswap of launchpads, providing unparalleled and democratized access to launchpad services.

Through a truly decentralized approach, AptoStarter can help any project. For example, developers can list their projects and use event-based raise tokens rather than permanent tokens.

That is a novel approach capable of suiting any project round model — seed, private or public funding. Additionally, one can connect the different rounds to ensure people who believe in a project get the associated tokens.

AptoStarter’s primary selling point is how every step of the launchpad process occurs on-chain for optimal transparency. Additionally, the launchpad supports any type of raise, with tokens distributed to those who believe in a project.

Finally, as any team or developer can list their venture, there will be broader access to potential investment opportunities, innovation and competition. More importantly, it addresses the need for innovation and experimentation.

About AptoStarter

Aptostarter is dedicated to help people help others, and the majority of fundraisers are safe and legitimate on our platform.

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A First Agnostic Decentralized Launchpad on Aptos Blockchain - No Intermediators